Meet WordPress in 5 minutes

Over the last months, I have been working in some WordPress projects which have being a great opportunity to dive a little bit more into this topic. One of the first pitfalls when I was learning the basics of wordpress is how everything works together.  I was struggling myself with the data and the bunch of files that you need to work with.

All the understanding of this relies on: WordPress lives on a web server ( aka is hosted somewhere). So, your visitors and you send a request to WP every time you access the site. There are some things that makes WordPress do the magic:

  • Database:  When you create/save/store something means that you are manipulating the database. It’s important to note that all for all the info that you see there’s a table in the DB, e.g:  the table wp_comments saves all the comments that your visitors write. Don’t worry too much about understanding everything about the database. However if you are writing a plugin you might like to read this link, which gives you a detail description about it.
  • Images and CSS: Like you’ll normally do, you can add css and images to your site.
  • PHP files: All your logic code will be write in PHP, here you will find all the WP functions you can use in your code.

Note: WP uses ‘themes’ concept, these are a bunch of php files, css and images that specify how your page will look like. Even tough  you can start from scratch creating a theme, I’d highly recommend to use a base theme. If you are curious about the what’s about all those files you can take a look at theme dev in WP.

Now, let’s look the image below to clarify our ideas:

A point to note here it’s that this process is asynchronous, that means that your visitors and you  can visit/manage the site not necessarily at the same time.

Hope this helps to make you understand a little bit more about WordPress.